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We create a sonic Substance that captivates the mind and forges lasting impressions.

Founded in 2010 in New York City, Substance is a highly acclaimed sound design and audio production studio, now operating from Aurora 21 in Newburgh, New York. Our highly skilled Sonic Architects specialize in the art of sound design and have created revered productions.

We welcome you to delve into our capabilities and offerings and collaborate with us on inventive, creative projects.

Sound Design & Editorial
Sound and storytelling are inextricably linked. Sound has the power to establish mood, evoke emotions, and establish the tone of a film. The team of Sound Designers and Editors at Substance are skilled not only in collaborating with filmmakers to produce exceptional soundtracks, but also in weaving sound into the narrative to enhance and enrich the storytelling experience. In fact, they are able to convey stories and experiences that would be challenging to express through visuals alone.

Remote Streaming
Substance's serene countryside setting does not limit its ability to collaborate with partners around the globe. With redundant fiber connections, directly linked to New York and other destinations, the company can effortlessly stream professional-grade sound and visuals to any compatible screening room. Whether it's producing episodic podcast content, video games, or virtual reality experiences, Substance has the expertise to deliver your mix via streaming.

Music & Scoring
Substance's team specializes in music composition, and our scoring facility provides a cozy recording atmosphere suitable for a band or solo performers. Two soundproof whisper rooms are available, equipped with a state-of-the-art acoustic system. Premium mic/line cables run directly from the audio booths to edit suites. Additionally, a spacious, secluded lounge area and outdoor deck is located upstairs, offering a relaxing space for artists to create and unwind.

Studio Musicians & Jam Sessions
Rachel Bickley is a session player, studio musician and backing musician who plays the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Contrabass saxophones. She specializes in rock, soul, R&B, jazz, blues and Lo-Fi. Angelo Giannone writes songs and plays the guitar & bass, piano, jaw harp and ukulele and specializes in Pop and Classic Rock. 

Substance can accommodate original cast members in a comfortable ADR studio to re-voice essential dialogue lines at Aurora21. Substance also works with remote collaboration tools that allow the director, talent and ADR Supervisor to be in separate locations while working together seamlessly.

Sound Library
At Substance, we believe there is no such thing as a generic "stock effect" in our soundscape. Our dedicated sound designers embark on extensive journeys to capture location-specific audio tailored to each project's needs. These carefully curated sounds are meticulously organized and stored in our exclusive library of terabytes of high-quality audio.

Field Recording
At Substance, we recognize that authenticity is paramount in creating convincing and compelling sound effects. Whether it's capturing the thunderous roar of an lion or the subtle hum of an electric car, our field-recording services enable companies, filmmakers, software and game developers, and podcasters to accurately and realistically portray their stories. Our commitment to capturing true-to-life sounds ensures that our clients can achieve an immersive and engaging auditory experience for their audiences.

Video Game Sound
Substance applies award-winning audio production expertise to digital entertainment. Our skilled team of Sound Designers and Mixers have extensive experience in game and film audio, and a deep understanding of the technical complexities in video game production. We enhance players' immersive experience by creating rich, cinematic soundscapes in video games.

Smart Home Device Skills & Alexa Experiences
Substance specializes in creating Google Home and Alexa skills and audio experiences that reach over 100M people. Our Alexa Skills developers utilize the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), a software development framework that allows for the creation of skills, which function like apps for Alexa. These skills can enable customers to perform a range of actions, from controlling lights to adjusting thermostats. They are accessible on Alexa-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV, as well as on devices manufactured by other companies.

Whisper Room Rentals
Experience our 4x4 Voice Over Booth tailored for VO artists – a superb choice for musicians and those seeking noise-free recordings for audiobooks, e-learning scripts, or commercial and advertisement audio. Alternatively, try our 4x6 booth, ideal for acoustic instrument recording and podcast production.  Reserve a whisper room today.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
Substance is at the forefront of sound design and mixing for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Whether you need to adapt existing theatrical content or create a brand new immersive experience, our team has the expertise to optimize the user experience for these dynamic formats. Our innovative approach to sound design and mixing ensures that we can create captivating, immersive auditory experiences that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Other Services Include

  • VoiceOver Demo Reel Production
  • Animation
  • Commercial copywriting
  • Recording Booth Engineering
  • Acting Demo Reel Production
  • Wesbite & Social Media copywriting
  • Audio & video podcast editing

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